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About Us

House of Cromwell Designs ©2013

House of Cromwell jewelry prides itself on creating quality pieces of costume jewelry. Each piece is designed and sketched by its Creative Director, Toni-Marie Ippolito, and is handmade in small batches exclusively for House of Cromwell.
House of Cromwell's costume or "bridge jewelry" is made with brass and genuine 14k gold and silver plating, which offers every woman the look of luxe for less.
House of Cromwell's primary mission is for every woman to adorn herself with gorgeous jewelry using the best possible materials.House of Cromwell is "affordable luxury."

About Toni-Marie Ippolito

Toni-Marie Ippolito is an Entertainment and Lifestyle Editor based in Toronto. She’s worked as an editor at Tribute Magazine, Canada’s most-read movie magazine, producing the magazine, and contributing to its website,, as a TV reporter interviewing the hottest stars in Hollywood.

Throughout her career as a pop culture specialist, Toni has written for numerous publications covering entertainment, movies, music, celebrity lifestyle, beauty and fashion and has been a recurring expert on CBC News, E! and Entertainment Tonight Canada, and also lends her expertise to various radio shows talking about celebrity news and gossip. She has also worked at Jane Magazine and CBS The Early Show in New York and at Fashion Magazine and its former teen publication, Fashion18 in Toronto.

She has contributed to, Elevate Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Fashion18 Magazine, Verve Girl Magazine,Fuel and Bang Zone Magazine, JANE magazine and more.

After completing a certificate in Jewelry Design & Repair and honing her skills as a metalsmith, House of Cromwell was born.